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Old school arcade game

old school arcade game

Road Runner, Midway, 1977, solidstate, 23" monitor, exactly the same as Midway's Desert Gun.
This allowed the Dale gun cabinet to be shallow (about 2' deep) and more upright, yet give a perception of up to seven feet (the 2' depth, plus 4' of vertical cabinet).Mechanical Gun, Rifle Games.Championship Fast draw, Southland Engineering, 1964, when red "draw" light flashes, players fastdraw handguns and fire in a western style gun fight.Periscope, Sega, 3/68 Phantom Gun, Williams, 8/69, game #375, electronic sound.Also a defensive manikin that moves left and right in front of the player controlled offensive manikin.Serena's Prophecies, Robert Strauss, 1970s (exact date unknown Robert Strauss was Steve Gronowski's Chicagoland Slot Machine show partner for many years.Rifle Range, Midway, 6/63.Top Gun (mid-1960s, Taylor Engineering) and Shootout at Rock Gulch.Time Pilot is quite similar to asteroids, it had no story line the aim is simple shoot everything!
You get seven shots per game, and if you get a ringer on the third or sixth (I think) shots, you get an extra toss.
Sportsman, Jennings, a slot machine dressed up as a pinball machine.Chopper Drop Chopper Drop was a game that has appeared on many home computers, consoles and hand held computers.Search for more games to play.Very similar to Chicago Coin's Steam Shovel (6/56).Puss In Boots, Roover Brothers of Brooklyn (New York 1897 to 1904, a cat fortune teller, remade in the 1980s.

Red Plane Red plane is a 1942 aeroplane shooter style game.
Ping Pong is based on table tennis.