Oracle Database 11g windows Release 1 Client (.0) for Microsoft Windows 2008 Server (32-bit) win32_11gR1_client.
Exe installed with the Oracle client opens the door for access to oracle Oracle databases.
Be patient, the process is oracle working.
Windows 7 x64 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.
Download and unzip both files to the same directory.Zip (615,698,264 bytes) message_box title64-bit Download colorgreen Please complete the following for access to the download.Step 3 Disable windows sqlplus The sqlplus.Its easy let oracle me show you!ASM configuration assistant asmca So far we have created only one ASM group data.Just click OK(Polish Zakoncz) button.Exe file has been deleted or oracle renamed from the client computer.

You need an episode Oracle client to access an Oracle database from Toad Data Point.
In case you are not planning to install grid 2GB ram is enough.
The KEY_OraDB12Home1 is the Oracle database home.
Download if you want to set up http access to the database via the Apache http Server.Toad Data Point users can now use the cross connection query feature when connected to an Oracle database.There is an unzip utility crack here if you need one.I want to show how-to quickly add extra group to ASM cybershot instance.Ora file similar to this: (SID_desc (global_dbname pdborcl) (SID_name pdborcl) ) Oracle 11g or Oracle 12c (No CDB/PDB) standalone database twork (description (address (protocoltcp) (twork) (port1521) ) (connect_data (serverdedicated) (SIDdev) ) ) Example of english a tnsnames.Then click Next button.Its time to create ASM diskgroup data.Diskpart list disk, disk # Status Size Free Dyn Gpt Disk 0 Online fiberglass 80 GB 40.Pay Attention Note 4: The default is Public networks, pilares such as those in airports and coffee shops. .message_box, oracle Database 11g Release 2 english Client (.0) for Microsoft Windows (x64) win64_11gR2_client.Purpose of reviewing registry entries is to understand the heart of where the Oracle client is setup for Windows. .If everything is right click Install button.Please understand your environment before choosing an Oracle client.There are 5 steps to this process which include: 1) Pick your Oracle client 2) Install the Oracle client 3) Disable sqlplus 4) Review registry entries 5) Configure Toad Data Point Oracle Connection.Or change to reflect your own environment.