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It conveys a great sense of freedom, one of the games best aspects of Xenoblade from both a gameplay and a jrpg context.
I have played many videogames, among them many jrpgs and as a music hobbyist, if games there something that I really appreciate is a soundtrack that helps you games immerse in it's game world.
Whenever you games hear it, it's also a good sign that you're probably about to games get your ass kicked!Y'all have good taste.My personal game of the year, for sure!I place the Xenoblade OST above Radiant Historia's though.For instance, when a multiplayer battle is reaching its conclusion, a track starts playing in the background, and the fight seems more and more intense until you see "Your team lost." or "Your team won!" For me the music is a tribute to the intensity.All the little beeps games and sounds are very similar to a lot of the noises that you hear in the game, like the target lock sound on your Javelin or a bullet whizzing by, or bits of dirt hitting the ground after an explosion.Even after spending hour 7 in Colony working on sidequest #4563, this track is fresh.That would be quite a feat, for the soundtrack shifts wildly from heavy metal, to old fashioned ragtime, to mariachi rock expertly from scene to scene.That song is just plain chilling, especially considering it's a battle theme.Head of Development (Travian battleMons games (Browser).

Klezdoom Dark Souls Dark Souls for certain.
Though there's one game in particular that I feel bears mentioning: Shadows of the Damned.
It's a bit like the music that plays when you make a successful objection in Phoenix Wright, it just gives you that "Oh man, shit just got real" feeling.
The soundtrack is all inclusive, all immersive and utterly captivating.The first time I accidentally jumped off a bridge and plummeted hundreds of feet down into season the water below, build only number to find that I could swim around and explore was something special.Perhaps because I could barely recall anything build from crack Asylum, or serial because I was playing Arkham City so damn much.Each piece really brings you into your new environments, and the new battle episode theme that kicks in some time into the game is just fantastic.Rather than go straight-up rock, the composers instead went with a very violin-heavy sound that actually fits Sonic perfectly.Dodgewd, at least for being released this year in the UK, Xenoblade deserves a call out for contributions from heavyweights like Yasunori Mitsuda and Yoko Shimomura.Kotaku commenter, sometimes more than one.That's not to say this is a great representation friends of the style of music you'll find in the game, though.This is one song and environment I particularly enjoyed (and it is different from the other tracks usually posted by others and myself).On Thursday, you put forth a ton of worthy original soundtracks from the year.

It's just ost sea games 2011 so calm yet haunting as well, as if it were trying to comfort you before your hardship comes about each time.
Archaotic And there you have 'em, our readers' picks for the best soundtracks of 2011.
While I certainly wouldn't nominate it for any game of the year awards, its soundtrack is probably the best of any Sonic game.