outdoor spirit metal detector manual

False signals detector are spirit usually broken or non-repeatable.
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Try finding other metal in the metal area.
In addition, the battery level is detector displayed and on the back of the screen is a headphone jack.Find an area on the ground outside where there is no metal.If you are using a coin, the detector detects it more easily if you hold it so a flat side (not the edge) is parallel with the flat side of the search coil.The disc method makes it possible to eliminate unwanted metals and the ALL Metal method displays all metals.Coins, relics, jewellery, display type, digital, batteries needed detector 2 1x 9V battery 2 The batteries are not included in the delivery.

Technical Data, field of application.
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See "Fine-Tuning the turbo Detector" on Page.
If a signal does not repeat after you tools sweep the search coil over the target a few times, the target is probably junk metal.If the detector does not detect the material, check the LOW batt indicator and verify that the search coil is properly connected.Tags: Mobile Mine Detector Handle Mine Detector Manual Mine Detector.The differentiation of metals takes place by three different sound signals.Hand held metal detector and so on we takes of strong carton box.Tags: buick Hand Hled Metal Detector Protable Metal Detector Handheld Metal Detector.Tection accuracy over the corresponding provisions of haccp system Detect indicators.You manual must move the object since you are not sweeping with the detector at this time.Tags: Tunnel Metal Detector Metal Detector For Baby Pampers Diaper High Sensitivity Metal Detector.Dmax EasySearch Metal Detector, the dmax metal detector easy search offers two different methods to you for detection of iron, copper and silver.Place a sample of material you want the detector to find (such as a gold ring or a coin) on the ground.

If the detector does not detect the mate- rial, make sure you are moving the search coil correctly.
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When you find a metal item, wait a few seconds after the tone stops before con- tinuing to allow the detector time to reset (or, press the red outdoor spirit metal detector manual button on the handle to return the pointer to the center of the analog meter).