There is patch a reg that the soldier must have served 30 continuous days in combat with the unit, unless wounded and or killed before then.
All disaster relief functions were eventually turned corps over to civilian contractors, and Corps patch units returned to Fort Bragg by During Operation Restore Hope, Somalia, 13 December 1992, in support of Joint Task Force Somalia, Army forces secured an airfield and key installations, and provided security.The current Army plan is airborne to limit recapitalization to the counterattack corps - III Corps - and not the xviii Airborne Corps, which will be airborne the focus of the Army Vision's transformation efforts.The Corps completed Purple Dragon, one of the most successful and largest airborne Joint Task Force exercises in xviii Airborne Corps history, consisting of 33,000 sailors, marines, airmen, and soldiers.The 24th Infantry Division at Fort Riley, Kan., which falls under the xviii Airborne Corps would be aligned with New York's 27th Infantry Brigade, North Carolina's 30th Infantry Brigade, Georgia's 48th Infantry Brigade, Florida's 53rd Infantry Brigade, Indiana's 76th Infantry Brigade and South Carolina's 218th.Under the Army's 1992 Strategic Mobility patch Plan, the contingency corps would face a tight delivery schedule, that was revalidated under the Current Force Closure Requirements of the 1997 Bottom Up Review Mobility Requirements Study MRS buru.The combat patch is worn on the right shoulder of the BDU/ACU and service uniform(although the new service blues wear is a pin on the right pocket) in reverse of the patch as it is worn on the left shoulder which indicates assignment to that.

The full five-division contingency corps plus visa a corps-support command would be in place by C75.
The Army is investing in industry and technologies to create the andreas objective force, to transform the Army from its current Cold mods War organization and equipment into corps a force that airborne better utilizes its full-spectrum capabilities in a more strategically deployable force.
The Army will continue to modernize and upgrade the legacy forces - III Corps, desert the counterattack corps, and xviii Airborne Corps, the contingency corps - as a hedge to fight wars.By early December the Corps had deployed over 2,000 soldiers to the Guantanamo Naval Base.On this same day, the xviii Airborne Corps assumed command of the 82d and 101st Airborne Divisions.Under a new concept called "corps packaging all of the National Guard's eight combat divisions and 15 enhanced separate brigades will be matched with optio active-component divisions at the corps level.The malaysia Corps capability for rapid deployment and reputation as the premier power projection force continues to be tested.

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The xviii Airborne Corps, with Headquarters at Fort Bragg, was originally activated as the 11 Armored Corps at Camp Polk, Louisiana, January 17, 1942.
Best Answer: If the soldier was assigned to the 18th Airborne Corp patch 18th airborne corps desert and it was the lowest unit with a patch the soldier was in, during a combat deployment then yes, the soldier will be allowed to wear it as a combat patch.