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Jack Lorski: Olivier Chenevat, gerd Hanke: Stephane Cornicard, jessica Moses: Sabine Crossen.
The Phoenix's location is tracked to northern Scotland, where Sharons mutilated body is discovered, along with evidence addiitonal victims from the ritual surrounding countryside.
After completing the final patch puzzles, the Phoenix begins the ritual that culminates in Jessica's murder.E:TLR is the sequel to, missing: Since January, which was released in France (where it had been developed) in October ritual 2003, then in the US in June 2004.Jessica is knocked out ritual and Sharon is abducted.Jessica visits the groups headquarters, discovering the building is abandoned with the exception patch of a squatter.Contents, the game finishes the same story previously started.SMS messages to the player directly to their mobile phones, as well as the ability to call last any of the characters and have a real phone conversation with them.A couple of weeks later, the authorities received another.At this level in the game, lines of code begin running through various portions of the puzzles.

Gerde Hanke, the crack profiler from the previous game, tracks the Phoenix to his hideout, an excavated warehouse.
The realize, after finding a women's severed hand, that it was ruse.
The body of updated "Osiris assembled from the various body parts of repair the Phoenix's victims, lies hanging against a wall, with Jessica slumped on the floor nearby.
In this game the notorious serial killer The Phoenix is back and the authorities need your help to catch him once and for all.
After seeing pictures of the man, Jack is initially manual convinced that it is the Phoenix himself, but finally agrees that it was only the Phoenix's disciple, Adrian, the computer programmer for the initial CD as well as the lions share of the programming of the.In order drivers to stop him, you have to play his game.They then visit an ex-cult member, who fills them in on life in the cult as brutal and oppressive.This time, Jessica Moses is searching for her missing brother, Adrian; who suddenly disappeared six years ago.Try to keep your clicks to a minimum!He knocks the person out as the room catches fire.Jessica is contacted by Adrian, who had been estranged from the family for several manual years.As manual of now updated I've gotten 2 suns.Part I of the game is found dead, with a large portion of his torso removed.Then follow where the compass points (northeast southwest) to find the treasures.2/ Move your cursor into the zone.Jack and the police are presented with evidence that the Phoenix will be performing another ritual murder at a different castle, and rush to capture him.