Meanwhile, mysterious deaths are once more reported throughout the city.
However, Saki learns of persona this and Marebito comes in full force.
Retrieved on May 12, episodes 2008.Persona persona -trinity soul- is a sequel to, soul persona 3 and takes place ten years afterwards (in 2019) in a parallel universe.After severing ties with Marebito, she peacefully dies soul in the company of Shin.Episode 23 - Embracing the Tie Edit Release date: June 7, 2008 Kanaru struggles with what she's learned about herself and the illusions she's surrounded.Shin and Jun head to episodes their respective schools, the former making friends with Takuro and Megumi.The two retreated after Sotaro's injuries soul forced persona him to retreat.

Shin's attempt to soul save windows her is disrupted by a vision of a young woman in red forcing Megumi to use her persona to save Yumi.
They find Jun at the beach and episodes for a second, he appears to be his dead twin sister, Yuki Kanzato, before collapsing.
Three of these songs were released episodes as singles in 2008: "Breakin' Through" on February 27, "Suicides Love Story" on March 5, and "Word of the Voice" soul on June.
See Episode 18: Sinking Dream a b c Persona -trinity soul- TV Anime Promo Video Posted.
Ayane notices him following them and draws him into a surreal series of dreams.Taiichi Udou, kana Asumi as, megumi Kayano.He explains more persona about the reverse incidents and Marebito.Tooru Inui, atsuko Tanaka as, michiyo Kayano (Megumi's mother; ep 17) Ayumi Tsuji as Tomoya Kayano (Megumi's brother; ep 17) Daisuke Namikawa as Tma Shikura Fumi Morisawa as Haruka Kanzato (eps 4, 24-25) Fumi Oda as Yuuko Sema (ep 19) Fumie Mizusawa as Ymi Tasaka Hiroshi Naka as Vice-Chief (eps 2-3) Hisao.Persona: Trinity Soul takes place approximately ten years after the end.Megumi and Takuro leave the hospital to prevent the clone from reuniting with the whale.Shin severs Kanaru's dark persona.11 Original work: Persona 3 ( Atlus ) Planning: Kichir Natsume, Masao Takiyama, Tetsuya Suzuki, Naohiro Futono Main windows characters original creator: Shigenori Soejima Character design and chief supervising animation director: Yuriko Ishii Series composition and script: Yasayuki Mut 7 Script: Shinsuke nishi, Shgo Yasukawa, Saya.After his parents and little sister died, he and his brothers were under the care of their relatives in Tokyo, and ten years later they returned to their home town Ayanagi.Meanwhile, Shin encounters Hiiragi, who was involved in Mariya's research on Personas and reveals to him the true reason for the nature of their work and why his parents left them in the first place.