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Fabuła przenosi miłośników produkcji tego typu w czasy II Wojny Światowej, do roku 1944 pilot roku.
The pilot player character has a stamina which means that game it's not very good idea to be standing in a freezing cold water for too long because if the lines stamina meter runs out, the health meter starts to deplete.
GameStar (Germany oct, 2005 51 out of 100 51 Shooterplanet Dec 03, 2005 48 out of 100 48 Gry OnLine Oct 03, 2005 45 out of 100 45 IC-Games Mar 11, 2006 42 out of 100 42 Nov 02, 2005 39 out of 100.
Gun-toting trigger-happy attitudes will mean that players will soon find themselves short of ammo with a bunch of alert Germans hunting them down so silent kills either via strangulation or pilot a single shot to the head is definitely the tactic to take.na które istotny wpływ behind ma odpoczynek podczas grania (zbyt długie zmagania powodują wycieńczenie postaci, gorsze celowanie, uniemożliwiają szybką down ucieczkę, itd.).Please select your country: United RepublicCzechoslovakia (1945-1992)DenmarkEast Germany NetherlandsNew ZealandNorth KoreaNorth Arab EmiratesUnited KingdomUruguayVietnamU.It certainly seems like a backward step for the developer considering their brave attempt with Prisoner of War a couple of years ago.Review game, critic Reviews m, aug 31, 2005 12 out of 20 60, totalVideoGames (TVG) 2005 6 out of 10 60, pC Games (Germany oct 24, 2005 58 out of 100.The problem with that the game's Joe Public is that when they've seen the downed pilot they can do one of two things: hide, or attract the attention of the local soldiers, which only exacerbates the situation.

Although the pilot game does feature several techniques to auto increase the cheat level of tension in the game such as 'awareness' bars above the heads of enemies as players try to sneak by santa and the event triggered music, there's very little in Pilot Down to create.
Jeżeli Bill Foster zbyt długo przybywa w ujemnych temperaturach, może zachorować czy wręcz umrzeć w wyniku odmrożeń, dlatego konieczne jest ukrywanie się w ciepłych domach i odzyskiwanie sił.
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French title "II Wojna Światowa: Pilot Down: Na Tyłach Wroga".
During the course of what mounts up to a game tutorial to the features and techniques of the game, players are introduced to some neat ideas such as the idea of an endurance bar that drops over time due to hunger and the cold, and.With the aid of different objects (such as cigarette packs for distracting guards or apples for a quick stamina replenishing) the player must make it through the levels.Playing the game you can't help but notice that the game is a little rough around the edges with the camera system far from being the most complex example around.There are no reviews for this game.Twórcy ze studia Kuju Entertainment przygotowali dziewięć zróżnicowanych poziomów.After a comic-book style introduction reminiscent of the Commando comic book series, the game begins with the character trying to retrieve equipment from the crash.The developers of the game, Kuju Entertainment's Wide Games, have once again returned to wwii with Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines, the story of a downed airman over Germany in 1943 as he tries to escape into neutral Switzerland.At the end of each level gamers are given the opportunity to upgrade certain character attributes from accuracy with a pistol or machine gun through to a greater maximum amount of health, and a higher capacity backpack (which acts as a solution to the whining.Players will control an American place pilot trapped behind enemy lines, unable to talk, chased by German forces, and on the run for Switzerland.Enemy AI is weak at best and bemusing at other times with soldiers unable to differentiate when the player's characters has moved position and is now right next to them pointing a gun at their temple leading to an unbelievable experience and one that obliterates.Jako amerykański pilot Bill Foster, zestrzelony nad terytorium wroga, gracz walczy o przetrwanie, starając się jednocześnie przedostać z obszaru III crack Rzeszy do neutralnej w tamtym czasie Szwajcarii.Of course there is some weapons also, which one can use to dispatch enemies that wander too close.