She has shown these buttercup sides, and buttercup a softer side in several episodes.
Considering the blonde's reaction to it, the latter statement is most likely meant as a hyperbolic joke stemming from her usually timid nature.
She is the most tomboyish out of all of her sisters.
For example, in the episode ".She also stated in an interview for the.Privacy Policy, which has been updated and became effective on May 25th, 2018.Buttercup did, however, once held an ephemeral crush on Ace of The Gangreen Gang, and was not shy to pursue a relationship with him, though she did so behind her sisters' buttercup backs. .Bubbles can speak Spanish and Japanese and Blossom buttercup can speak Chinese.CactusStag 10/28/16 251 9, this was my take on a more masculine and older Buttercup for my Powerpuff group at AnimeUSA!Read more 1 Reply 12/18/16, blue Violinist, yes!Buttercup's eye and dress color were originally going to be blue just like Bubbles.They can handle much greater exposure than regular humans though.When the girls powerpuffgirls resorted to kissing the Rowdyruff Boys to defeat them, Buttercup expressed immense powerpuffgirls disgust immediately afterward.In the episode "Speed Demon" it was also revealed that she can fly the fastest out of all of her sisters.

But they are still vulnerable to extreme exposure manual to sunlight, which affects them similar to how ordinary people are affected.
She also showed a greedy side in ".
In "The Boys are Back in Town Buttercup always appears in a need docinhopoderosa to fight, which her sisters are in a need to run away.Green Hitting a scrap of meat Her favorite cereal ( Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets security ) Fighting Airboxing Kicking some butt Martial arts Dodgeball Comedies (especially Slapstick) Water Guns Playing toys (mostly action-figures) Being a daughter-figure of Professor full Utonium Her sisters Blossom and powerpuffgirls Bubbles Taking.Buttercup also wears white tights and black Mary Jane shoes with her dress.In addition, please read our.Featured post, buttercup featured Feed FAQ, more from docinhopoderosa CactusStag, animeUSA Linup 09/26/16.