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Probleme crysis 1.2 patch emulationssoftware

Optimizations and Stability * Fixed security hole in code that caused client and server crashes.
Correct firemode now displayed when switching seats in Gauss Tank in Multiplayer.
Player can no longer suicide when already dead.
Improved red near-death HUD effect and visual feedback for player being hit.Improved vehicle handling under braking and boosting * Tweaked damage for players hit by vehicles at lower speeds * Reduced collision damage multiplier for actor-vehicle collisions.Fixed issue with missing subtitles in French version of PowerStruggle tutorial.Players will no longer be banned for team killing while in pre-game period.Fixed an issue when using dual handguns and switching to 3rd person view, a pair of arms will remain when running devmode or in editor * Fixed an issue where the player could force firing after reloading if player clicks and keeps pressing fire.Players will now be moved from full teams to the opposing side when dead if the numbers are unbalanced.Fixed issue where sometimes demotions would not be properly announced.Added numbers to energy bar in PowerStruggle for quicker reference * Allow loading of custom objectives.Players will now be able to pick up a respawned moar attachment.
Fixed an issue where scores could change after the game has ended.
Mouse cursor will no longer be permanently removed on attaching gamepad.Helmets will never deflect shots when the player hits them while using weapon sights.Fixed issue where player weapon loses shadow on loading save game.Locked camera in 3rd person view when player is using a vehicle mounted weapon in difficulty settings that allow driver controlled mounted weapons on vehicles.Player will now be prone if loading a level that was saved while they were prone.Fixed an issue where vehicle 3rd person camera could break when switching the player?ControlledTurret?Added a number of missing additional entities to the network scheduler * Fixed an issue where players could be killed with AV mines placed above vehicles but not in contact crack do gry call of duty 5 with the vehicle.