Tank Service 100 Stars: Get cheats the cheats "Tank Service Star battlefield 100".
Having an extra person or two near the objective can make all the difference.
M40A5 Proficiency Dog Tag: battlefield Get the "M40A5 Service Star 1".M18 Claymore Proficiency Dog Tag: battlefield Get the "M18 Claymore Service Star 1".Probably one of the more annoying things that players encounter while playing Battlefield 3 is one person hopping into a vehicle and leaving everyone behind to grudgingly sprint their way cheats to the action, so be nice.M1014 Master Dog Tag: Get the "M1014 battlefield Service Star 5".Each class is meant to do something specific and it would be wise to play your class the way it was meant to be played.Carbine Dog Tag: Get the "Carbine Efficiency" ribbon 10 times.Combat Efficiency Dog Tag: Get the "Combat Efficiency" medal.Support Service Star 50 Dog Tag: Get the "Support Service Star 50".M145 (3.4x Originally developed for the Canadian Army, the M145 is commonly mounted on the M240 and M249 with.4x zoom.Squad Deathmatch Dog Tag: Get the "Squad Deathmatch" medal.Exclusive Pre-order Offer haggard - Gets Around Quite A Lot.

(Back to Karkland) Assignment Weapon Unlockables edit, you can unlock the genuine following assignments and a new weapon for each in canon the Back to Karkland DLC.
The XP in the final powershot game will change.
Default DOG windows windows TAG - Blank Dog Tag Available To All private first class DOG TAG - Reach Rank Private First Class private first class 1 star DOG TAG - Reach Rank Private First Class 1 Star codes private first class 2 star DOG TAG - Reach.
Infantry Efficiency (Bronze objective: Received all 4 weapon efficiency ribbons.
Rifle Scope (8x A high-magnification 8x scope available for sniper rifles.(Silver Completed all co-op missions.AA Service 50 Stars: Get manual the "Anti Air Vehicle Service Star 50".Sg553 Master Dog Tag: Get the "Sg553 Service Star 5".Not only that, it will also give away your position pretty easily in close quarter scenarios.Corporal 1 Star Dog Tag: Reach the "Corporal 1 Star" rank.Private First Class 3 Stars - 29,000 points: G17C Pistol.Stationary Dog Tag: Get the "Stationary" medal.Master Gunnery Sergeant 1 Star - 760,000 points: G18 supp.Main control Battle Tank Mastery Dog Tag: Get the "Mbt Service Star 1".This is the end (Bronze objective: Failed to prevent the attack.