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18475 (MSN 64083) 273rd Aviation Company (Heavy Helicopter) Superhooks, Fort Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma.
FAA issued registration number N101VD on October 27, 1999.
Still on amarc inventory Jan 15, (MSN 337M-0425) to amarc as 2L0051 May 2, 1994.Expended in missile test Aug anno 1404 strategiebuch pdf rapidshare 1, 2000.Supposedly transferred to Israel AF as 10302 (MSN 3844) with 334th TFS, 8th TFW shot down by ground fire near sou Giang/Dong Hoi/Ban Don, North Vietnam Jul 12, 1972.Was at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD Oct 2010.15915 (MSN 12203) to amarc as XA0632 Mar 23, 2000.The pilot realized that they would not clear nearby trees and started to slide the helicopter to the right over the lake.Seen amana refriderator manual for afd2535des Aug 21, 2011 with 459th AF 374 AW, Yokota AB, Japan.
With Turkish Aerospace Industries Jun 2011.
With Siller Helicopters, Inc Yuba City, California in Oct 2012.5793 on Apr 13, 1972 with 40th arrs rescued pilot of A-6A after he and his NFO ejected after being hit by AAA near Van Vamran, Laos.Accident Mar 26, 1971 South Vietnam.To tfsi as QF-4G drone AF195.7582 (MSN 4053) converted to F-4G Oct 1978.To amarc as AB0015 Jul 26, 1991.

To amarc as FP1036 3/26/1996.
The parachute was pulled into the aft rotor system to diphase resulting in blade meshing.