resistance 2 game guide

_ Intel #2 Detention Wing After the game cut scene with Daedalus, head through resistance the opening, but instead of following Blake up the ramp, go up the one in the opposite direction.
Just stay back and focus on bursting some headshots.
To the right of their position is resistance a little alcove with some cocoons and a Wraith, a very powerful weapon.
In fact, you can easily obtain it in the Prologue.
If you start game getting in trouble from Chimera fire, go hide game somewhere and come back.Templars can use a single utility item - grenades, medkits or any other enhancers.Turn into the house to the right when you see.This should help you blow open the door.Anyway, head through the opening the ambushers resistance created to the next area and jump down Checkpoint.4 Sharpshooter Get 30 headshots while scoped with the Fareye or Marksman.Prepare for a huge fight here.Once you throw it, it will stick on to any surface, including the Chimera.When the coast is clear, sprint up the next few ramps to the next Checkpoint.It does a pretty high amount of damage, surprisingly, so game don't be afraid to use.

Get ready for a Chameleon to appear fallout shortly.
You anime can go through the walkthrough to see which weapon you need to find.
Clean up resistance the rest that hatch owners as well.Escort the Fission Bomb onto a Chimeran Shuttle game All right, this is going to be a huge confrontation.It won't be long until Capelli arrives manual and when he does, finish off the remaining Chimera.Sprint up the ramps and toward the door.24 Snipe Hunt Kill 30 season personal Spinners in the Single Campaign.Press and hold the Triangle button to open up the door.