The first time we wanted to find out how Safari slow manages plug-ins, we looked in Safaris preferences (from the Safari menu, select.
My questions is, is there any way of disabling it in Safari without having to uninstall it?
Poorly written plug-ins can slow down Safaris web rendering performance.Extensions tab and safari turn off whichever extensions you dont need or those you think may be causing speed issues.An example that just about every Mac Safari user plugin will see on the Installed Plug-ins page is one of the various Java Applet Plug-ins.Of course, safari every once in a while a website comes along that needs a little bit more in the way of specialized service to perform its intended function.Check them separately to see which one may be the culprit.The last part of that entry is the file name, in this case, Flash ugin.Launch Safari, and then select, safari, Preferences.Completely Reset plugin Safari A full reset of Safari is able to fully restore it to the original settings.Delete the file ist, clear Safaris History, safari maintains a complete safari list of every single website you visit (unless youre in Private Browsing mode) and if you use Safari a lot then the history slow can obviously grow quite large.Alternatively just remove the details for sites that you rarely or never visit.You can also set the history to be kept for shorter time periods in the General tab in Preferences.Remove the checkmark next to a plug-in to disable.

From the Help menu, select, installed Plug-ins.
This location contains plug-ins that are available to all users of your Mac and is where you will find most plug-ins.
How To, macs, safari plug-ins can be daring managed from the Safari Preferences.
Disable Or Streamline AutoFill Autofill conveniently stores your names, passwords and other details such as login information for hundreds of websites that you may visit.If no website has been configured to use the selected plug-in, the setting of the When visiting other websites drop-down menu sets the default (On, Off, or Ask).Thats also easy to change, and you can quickly set the Preview app to become the default PDF viewer again by making an easy adjustment in the Finder.Check and disable Safari Extensions Update Plugins and Java Many daring in-page plugins such as Flash and Java can slow plugin Safari down considerably.Nope, theyre not there crack either.Its possible to avoid such issues by relaunching Safari occasionally.When all else fails, try the Help menu.For example, if plugin I use Safari to open: with the Adobe PDF browser plug-in, it takes about 70 seconds on my machine.Its wise to make sure all the extensions are up to date, daedalus and if youre having any issues then disable those you dont daring use, or turn them on one by one and see if it makes a difference.Choose Empty when prompted to confirm.(Short for coder/decoder, a codec compresses or decompresses slow voice or audio signals.).Its possible to reset everything in one fell swoop or selectively choose the items to reset.To reset Safari, choose Reset Safari from the main Safari menu, followed by the items you wish to reset as shown below and click Reset.