90 - Z Z sun:overhead latitude H 5 latitude of UTH of the sun and manual sun NO1H of Equator.
Fig 5, the sun moves its latitude.0123 minutes daily).
Oking must escape be controlled.
If they are heard expect cordons to be in low ground or to use flares from high ra 6 above becomes very important.
B.A chance t previously planned, with a reliable source.I.Emergency RV must be known and withdrawal route fore evacuating site search for any avoidable evasion trace of occupation.Northern Hemisphere:The North Star or Polaris can be taken as sufficiently accurate for anything the Survival Navigator may in fact fluctuates about can be found by three main methods - The Plough, Cassiopcu and Orion (see Fig 8).8.RSun's RaysWestTip of shadow when evasion first notedFIG 3Tip of shadow ten survival minutes later9.When the shadow is evasion shortest it manual will also indicate the north/ south line.

E.Have an emergency RV shippuden in banking case something goes wrong.
Leaving litter or any signs of occupation in a lying-up area is asking for trouble.
Initial record created, from, scriblio.If you watch for up to 2 hours some enemy soldier will naruto give away his position naruto by xbox noise, movement or normal sentry relief.Avoid walking in mud, through standing crops or any place where obvioustracks will be left.Use I leading scout as for forward as possible even when only two men are together.Fig 7 shows the angle that the survivor needs to determine his using basic geometric knowledge this can be achieved as f0ll0*5FIG 7 Tangent toearth's surfaceImaginary line from center of earth through your positionCancer s P Equator.Capricorn.T0 the sun J_e K.FIG 2A (Northern Hemisphere) FIG 28 (Southern Hemisphere True SouthTrue NorthHour Hand8.Danger e following points will help evasion in dangerous areas: ese are relatively easy to pass at night.The Southern Hemisphere:The first method of finding the snthi point on the horizon is to multiply the longest axis of the southern cross.Open Preview, see a Problem?East/ west manual line using the ace a stick about three xbox feet tallinto the e ground should be flat and shippuden clear of growth (N.Community Reviews, showing 1-38).In hills avoid using ridges as you are likely to be silhouetted and remember you can be seen from below for a greater distance than you can see.Problem: Its the wrong bookIts the wrong editionOther.Lying UP position (LOP) not use isolated cover, particularly if it is marked on a map.

Not the sas escape evasion and survival manual book youre looking for?
If there is doubt as to whether the sun is north or south of you a five to ten minute study of the shadows will soon indicate which way the sun is moving.