scarabeo 250 ie service manual

Install the damper rod and the spring in slider.
Battery fluid is corrosive.
Note Remove the expansion tank plug to let the coolant flow out.
Passenger grab handle Front brake fluid reservoir Seat release manual lever Fuel tank filler plug Fuel tank Battery Auxiliary fuse carrier Main fuse carrier Right passenger scarabeo scarabeo footpeg Engine manual oil level / filler plug 2 - 14 scarabeo 500 scarabeo 500.1.6.
Exhaust system.2.1.Trip meter reset Hold down the Mode button manual (1) for at least three seconds.Install a new oil cartridge filter.Installing THE engine 17 4-2 scarabeo 500.1.Scarabeo scarabeo 500 scarabeo 500 Remove the circlip (5) from sleeve.Avoid starting the engine indoors.A scooter tire needs to be inflated quite hard.Release slings from hoist supporting the vehicle rear end and remove the frame from the engine.The front service brake fluid reservoir is located on the right handlebar, scarabeo near the front brake lever.Fit throttle cables and tighten the adjusters.Stop the engine and wait until it has cooled down.Apply a thin layer of lithium grease along the edges of oil seals.

Do not swallow fuel.
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If possible, drive on hilly roads version and/or roads with many bends, so that the engine, the suspensions and the brakes undergo a more games effective running-in.
Pull and quickly release the brake lever of the relevant calliper a few times, then keep it pulled.
If this doesn't happen properly or at all, the scooter can overheat due to suboptimal burning of fuel.The rear version brake fluid reservoir invasion is located under the right fairing.Push in the exhaust and remove the upper pin securing the clamp.AIR filter removing THE AIR BOX Working on the left side, loosen and remove the two side securing screws from rear mudguard and collect epub both washers.Remove the rubber protection cap from bleed valve (3).Top up to restore correct level inside rear brake fluid reservoir.Dangerous elements.3.1.When epub two or more persons service the same motorcycle together, special care must be taken to avoid personal injury.