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In 1987, a subsidiary Tocibai Machine toshiba accused of supplying the ussr machines service for milling bypass solution "Coordinating Committee on Export Controls" - equipment used by manual the Soviet Union for the production of ultra-quiet submarines.
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Toshiba corporation 2008, projection Television 65HM167 m green product service 1 as indicated by the underlined serial number.
Toshiba Smart TV user manuals.In particular, on account of its Japan's first fluorescent lamp (1940 transistor television and microwave oven (both - 1959 word processing (1979).1977 - Toshiba acquires Brazilian company Semp (Sociedade Eletromercantil Paulista) service and by combining the resources of two businesses in South America, creates a company Semp Toshiba.Atenção, os esquemas disponíveis destinam-se a técnicos ou pessoal qualificado em reparação de equipamentos elétricos que muitas vezes podem ter tensões elevadas, se não está familiarizado com circuitos não tente reparar.Service manual, for Technical Bulletins, Technical Tips, or other information regarding the service of this model, visit the Toshiba America Consumer Products National.Toshiba Projection TV: Popular and Often Search Manuals.In XX century, Toshiba Corporation was the developer of a number projection of Japanese innovation.In the 40s and 50s Corporation organically grown, largely due to the acquisition of companies from related industries.Diversified product portfolio includes equipment and in the field of IT and communications systems, electronic components and materials, power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems, consumer electronics, household appliances, medical equipment, office solutions in the field of lighting products and logistics services.Toshiba Projection TV: List of Devices.

In 1978, the official name of crack the company version was reduced to Toshiba Corporation.
In 2015 the company took 157 place patch in service the ranking of Fortune Global 500.
Company supermarket Tokyo Shibaura Denki was established in 1939 through the merger of Shibaura Seisakusho and Tokyo Denki.Green product procurement, rev.1 lead-free solder version 2).At that time, both companies have the technological leaders in the industry: Shibaura Seisakusho - the first manufacturer of telegraph equipment in Japan, Tokyo Denki - Japan's first manufacturer of incandescent light bulbs.See also: crack Toshiba LED, LCD, CRT, Color TV Circuit Diagrams.Toshiba 20VL66C / 20VL65R / 20DL76.

Toshiba Corporation - a large multinational corporation with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.
Some developments of the company service manual toshiba projection tv became the first in the world - for example, a color videophone (1970 laptop (1985 16-megabit of nand (1992 the mechanism of graphic compression mpeg-4 (1998 the quietest in world MRI apparatus (1999).