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Setup exe de pes6

X Filename (with path, relative to kit folder) of the image that contains numbers palette: a 4bit/8bit paletted image.
On the picture above, you can see the information page called "Ball selection".
You can see which mode is currently selected at the color of the ball name: The color you see Meaning The ball selected in the game options will be used.
(You can turn that feature off in the g file, if for some reason this causes problems.) Support for different texture sizes.This means that you can use the same mask for differently dimensioned kits: Yet another mask is pes_g, which you need for example for kits with model 146 (with an emblem in the right corner and smaller socks As you can see, these two masks.Since this unfortunately turned out to be a very clumsy name, i'm going to refer to them from now on simply as "mini-kits" instead, and when referring to original ones, i will say "konami mini-kits".For instance, if you call a folder 0_text, instead of 0_s, things will not work.).3.For example this kit is model 32, so you need the mask pes6_g : The mask used here is sized 512x256, but it will automatically be stretched to the size of the kit part.Introduction The idea of Bootserver is similar to Faceserver: you use a map where you assign boot images to playes, using player IDs.Now if you write lder "pa" lder "pb" lder "px-cl" into the config.
By increasing internal resolution, we can make the game looks absolutely magnificent on big cobra 29 ltd cb radio manual screen monitors.
Add a new line after the sample, using the format given in the comment in the upper part (the player's id followed by the filename in double"s).Windows 7 Ultimate.40 Windows 7 Professional.61 Windows 7 Home Premium.89 Microsoft Windows.19 Windows 8 Pro.24 Windows.1 Pro.53 Geography.42 of installs come from MA Which countries install it?The values have the same meaning as in Edit Mode: type1 - straight, type2 - slightly curved, type3 - curved.Exe, behaviors exhibited 5 Scheduled Tasks, pesedit.Kits, balls, fonts, and numbers were taken from http www.This text will be displayed on kit selection screen, under the mini-kit.(The files themselves can actually be named differently - for example: ball_n and unknown_7, but what matters is that they define the same BIN).The format is exactly the same as for faces, so look above how to insert a line for the player.If this makes the game really slow, you can set the HD-kits.

If you don't use the right mask, the kit will look messed.
Dll) also supports new set of options to modify the game's so-called "internal resolution".
If this line is missing, nothing is changed and PES reserves its standard 40 megabytes.