Image 3- Type in either the xbmc IP Address or the Device name of mashup your server.
List_tInfo video 'title video'name 'genre video'genre # Set 'IsPlayable' property to 'true'.
If the device folder is not visible, or It is a folder remote NAS It is an SMB server You will need to add a new network location: Image 1- Select Add network location.
Next, click Browse in the, add Music source dialog.
Once the Sources are set up, Kodi can perform the appropriate actions to display your media.TV Show- Content scanning options Selected folder contains folder a single TV show Allows you to change the Content settings for a particular TV Show without affecting the entire Source.After you add your first location, you can add a second location (network or local.Writing a Video Add-on is actually pretty simple once you get the basic structure correct.Now mashup we tell Kodi how to find the video path to play the videos def play_video(path " Play folder a video by the provided path.Step 4: Select the browse button from the ADD video source window.Set Media Type - Advise Kodi what type of media is in the Source.If you use Fusion only to browse for and install repositories, however, you shouldnt have any problems.Depending upon the size of your library, this could take some setup time.Make xbmc even better by adding these amazing add-ons.

If imdb is selected, it becomes the manual default reviews rating.
You've just played an crack online video from your very own Video Add-on.
MythTV Client: Selecting this folder option will allow xbmc to access the media on a MythTV Server.
List_tProperty fanart_image video'thumb # Set additional info for the list item.
So now we come to the actual Add-On code, this is where most of your Add-on is written and is a simple text file containing python code.Clicking on an entry will add it to whichever player (Pictures, Music, live or Videos) youre advance currently.Lets suppose you have pictures on your Windows PC, Music in iTunes on a Mac, some ripped DVDs on your Linux file server, and a mix of files you have in the Box account.List_item stItem(labelcategory, # Set a fanart image for the list item.The dark night of waiting is over: xbmc 13, codename Gotham, has reached beta status.To does this end, xbmc also includes a few other useful options for sources of media as follows: Zeroconf: You instruction can browse any Zeroconf-enabled devices on your network by selecting this from the Browse for new share dialog.This tutorial will explain how to write your first Kodi/xbmc video plugin Add-on.Image 2- In the new window select the correct Protocol for your Network Share, then select Server Name.Read More, and theyre not hard to install especially if theyre in xbmcs default repo.

Each section is a direct continuation of the previous section, and only separated for clarity.
Lastly, for your Box account.
If you want the original Chinese title setup folder xbmc mashup then enable the setting.