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Sino sds6 2v manual

sino sds6 2v manual

It's nice that it is sealed, making it pretty quiet (as lathe gearboxes go).
Foot brake is nice when you need it, but I have yet to use mine.The DRO is almost a mandatory accessory, humax 9300t manual pdf in my opinion.The anchor bolt holes, however, will be a little difficult to work with whether you use bolts, studs or mounting feet.The end change-gears that connect the headstock to the quick change gearbox are good for a range of thread pitches and feed speeds.These Grizzly units seem pretty well made overall with good balance, little runout and decent repeatability.The stand, though made of steel instead asio driver for m-audio keyrig 49 of being cast is a great component and is of high quality.You'll buy many more, but it's nice that Grizzly included a few.
I did adjust the precision down from millionths(!) to show only ten-thousandths.
All good now though.Works very good, but Grizzly needs to get someone who speaks English to re-write a true English version of the manual.This one is very accurate and repeatable.Seems like it's been written in English by a Chinese editor who doesn't speak English very well.The pull-out chip tray is easily my favorite feature of the stand.