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If the manual original packing is manual not available, refer to the APC Web site, for information about obtaining a new set.p p user Bypass /p p The UPS is in bypass mode, manual sending utility power directly to connected equipment.p p Manual: Press and hold the button for a few seconds to initiate the self-test.p p Overload /p p The connected loads are drawing more user power than the UPS power rating (see Troubleshooting).Blade Computing smart-ups vanced TCA smart-ups DSP vancedTCA.(See Troubleshooting.) /p p Cold Start /p p This is not a normal condition.The UPS has a diagnostic feature that smart-ups displays the utility voltage.

Fault AND smart-ups overload leds illuminate; UPS emitustained alarm tone The UPS has ceased sending power to connected equipment.
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(Read on for additional capabilities.) Power Off Press this button to turn off the UPS.
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