Preset Tuning After you have tuned in stations using Automatic Tuning, you can preset them to the receiver.
Outdoor FM antenna str-v Receiver antenna Notes on antenna hookups FM 75 coaxial To prevent noise pickup, keep the AM loop antenna away from the receiver and other components.
Surround sound manual combines these sound elements in such a way that you actually can sense the size of the venue, service as well as its type.
Mode button Press to select and play another video/audio source in combination with the selected component.If there service is not enough bass, you can use manual the equalizer to boost the bass levels.When the sound field is ON, setting the speakers selector to OFF will automatically present a two channel downmix from the headphones.The display manual varies depending on the number of speakers connected.It is still my go to receiver for judging other system components.Do not place anything on top of the cabinet that might block the ventilation holes and cause sony malfunctions.

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Note that no more than one name can be entered for each preset station or program source.
0 dimmer button Press repeatedly to adjust the remote brightness of the display.All str-v index names (of preset stations and program sources) are cleared.41GB Other Operations function control: Rotate to select the tuner service or other source.All of the modes in the virtual 3D genre were designed under the premise that the rear str-v speaker would be located behind the listening position, but presentation remains manual fairly consistent even with the rear speakers service positioned at a rather wide angle.8 speakers selector Set according to the front speakers you want to drive.When the receiver reaches either end of the band Scanning is repeated in the same direction.To assign index names to other stations Repeat Steps 2.See service Indexing P, arameter 36, 49, 50 Preset stations how to preset 39 how to tune 40 Basic operations 2225 Battery 4 C Changing display 24 effect level 33 Checking the connections 19 Clearing receivers memory 19 Connecting.Adjust the balance control.36GB effect wall reverb LFE.range rear rear center woofer level type time MIX comp BAL.0 PRO logic Lights when this unit applies Pro Logic processing to two channel signals in order to output the center and surround channel signals!Make sure the sound field function is on (press sound field ON/OFF).The str-v video image on the TV screen or monitor does not correspond to the selected component.

The following message appears in the display twice: Now Demonstration sony str-v55 service manual Mode!
For details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with your remote.