south park season 11 episode 1

Le Petit Tourette " which features Cartman getting Tourette's syndrome.
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The List " (the final episode of the season Stan and, wendy make up and seem to park get back together after their split in ".
IS this park "nigger GUY"serious?Stacy, GO aheadand send IN south eric cartman.Anant TO assure youtham noacist.Okay, okay, YOU WIN!Just forget about IT!OH, episode OH, OH, OH!I AM park certainly nota "nigger GUY." I'VE never thoughta racist thought!HE park IS gonna wanna kickyour cracker teeth.Yeah, BUT HE didn'tsay IT IN anger OR anything like that.Well, LET'S SEE IF YOU CAN'tmake everyone proud.

TRY TO bring ME down-OOP-OP, YOU'RE TOO late.
What THE hell DO youwant from ME?!nothing!
DON'T worry, YOU'RE with friends NOW.
OH, sure, some peoplejust USE THE term IN season jest, casida tell A "nigger GUY" joke OR TWO, thinking IT'S NO BIG deal.That'S THE guyfrom seinfeld, used THE "N" worda whole buncimes.Senators, I'VE learned toadmit that I'M capable OF having slightly racist thoughtsonce ihile.Stanly, THE onlyreason daddy used that word IS industrial that HE thought hewould WIN money.HE HAS TO learn HIS lesson.Students, I AM going tobeat THE crap OUT OF this KID really TO provoint!( really industrial laughing ) "THE randy foundation." IT IS MY hope that thisfoundation will prove MY commitment TO THE education ofafrican-american students AND erase, once AND FOR ALL, MY identity asthe "nigger GUY." YOU really." Imaginationland, Episode episode II " October 24, Cartman is determined to find Kyle while Butters remains trapped in Imaginationland as the evil creatures break through the barrier.