stalker patch version 1.0005

Fixed the stalker bug with Bes character, when the latter couldn't be healed.
Fixed the choice of goods at Barkeep and Petrenko after completing the random tasks.
Saved games patch from.0003 version will work with.0004 patch version.
This patch can be applied only to the latest version of each.T.A.L.K.E.R.Fixed bug with player's invisibility when putting armor.Fixed the bug with the automatic task to defend the camp when switching location or saving/loading stalker the game.All patches for.T.A.L.K.E.R.Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl Patch.0005.0006 (US)." is available for download.A bug in the dialogue.Fixed crashes upon disconnecting of the client, who didn't have the map used on the server (when patch using a game MOD).Pliki cookies niezbędne do funkcjonowania Serwisu - Są to pliki cookies bez których Serwis nie może funkcjonować poprawnie, przez co ta kategoria musi być zaakceptowana, byśmy mogli zagwarantować optymalne doświadczenie w Serwisie.Pliki cookies dotyczące version optymalizacji reklam - Są to pliki cookies, które zbierają informacje na temat reklam wyświetlanych Użytkownikowi oraz mogą tworzyć profil Twojej osoby - wykorzystujemy je zarówno my, jak i nasi Partnerzy reklamowi.All CD-Keys issued before are still valid patch on a new server.

From this epicenter came waves of mutated creatures, sony deadly radiation, and a strange, anomalous energy.
Access to the temas players on the temas list server implemented on the server (login and password).
Fixed the random quests at the Wild Territory.
This resulted in better ping values and traffic reduction by 50-100.
Self-correcting network packets wrapper was implemented.Game clients (and servers) to enable game establishing connection to a new server.Fixed getaway the game crash on Pripyat location, when the player stalker approached any of the monolithians' camps.Fixed crash connected with starting new game (for example, upon map getaway changing).S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky improving both the download and retail versions of the game.Możesz je zawsze wyłączyć korzystając z ustawień przeglądarki, co jest opisane.Fixed Voronin's tasks to eliminate the bandit Poker.Fixed the bug with shooting from the grenade launcher.Fixed the random task to destroy the bandits' camp at the Cordon.

Fixed the artifact activation and the spawned anomalous zone functioning algorithm.
Fixed bug with entering stalker patch version 1.0005 invalid commands in console.