supreme commander all in one patch

Fixed crash commander that occurred when players pressed and held middle mouse wheel down and then pressed the End or Home key in game.
Cybran and Seraphim T2 Point Defenses dps increased.
This was the last patch ever produced for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.
Aeon patch T3 commander Engineer build rate increased to commander 20 from.
UEF Mongoose health changed from commander 900 to 650.T2 build rate decreased to 25 from.Fixed supreme crash bug associated with air patch units patch refueling/repairing on air staging platforms.T3 SAMs costs reduced significantly from 1400M 12000E to 800M 8000E Seraphim cruiser direct fire Anti Air weapon and seraphim T3 Anti Air cannon building weapon improved muzzle velocity.Cybran Nuke Warheads now correctly detonate at their impact altitude, and not 20 units above Nano Regeneration now gives Seraphim SCUs the correct amount of hitpoints (14k instead of 45k) Seraphim SCU is no longer reclaimable UEF Lobo t1 artillery health changed from 205.

O Cybran 20 damage o Seraphim 10 damage Change Naval yards to be hit with torpedoes, collision box lowered by 1 Hoplite now uses the correct amount of transport clamps Firebeetle changed to deal 4500 damage, health lowered to 300, Firing tolerance increased to 100.
UEF Engineering Station Rover rebuild cost increased to 250M 2500E 750 time from 50M 500E 150 time (only applies if its shot down).
OC xpvistaw7, CPU - manual Core washing 2 Duo E4600, RAM - 2Gb, Video - 256mb.
Land Experimental cost increased 20, the cheaper ones increased more manual than the expensive ones (percentage wise).
Engineers will accident no longer assist a utilizare shield generator if the shield has been destroyed.Locate the program icon, right-click and select Run as administrator.Aircraft carriers that are building aircraft can no longer be attacked by Interceptors or Air Superiority Fighters.Restorers cost 50 more energy than a Air Superiority fighter now.Landscout diversification: Uef damage 4 (2 cybran cloak energy drain -5, aeon radar range 5, new health 20 (-3).To install the game in administrator mode,.Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.O Factories and Engineers no longer increase Energy Storage.Retrieved from " commander categories : Community content is available under, cC-BY-SA manual unless otherwise noted.Lowered T3 Bomber maxairspeed by 1 (18 - 17) Decreased Frigate t1 submarine cost by 10 Buffed Cruiser Anti Air damage by 25 Made T2 tanks slightly tougher and slower.T2 tanks now move at.5 -.7 speed now, and have 20-25 more hitpoints in return.Fixed issues relating to how T3 artillery fires.Supreme Commander.1.3260, new units!T3 Air and T3 Naval Factories changed: mass cost equals land t3 factory now.Start resources go to 4000E from 5000E, ACUs now generate 20E instead of 10 to compensate.

This v3269 patch rebalances the infamous Mercy unit supreme commander all in one patch and adds three new units as well: the Mongoose, a Tier 2 UEF Assault Bot, the Hoplite, a Tier 2 Cybran Assault Bot and the Absolver, a Tier 3 Aeon Shield Disruptor Tank.
Visual tweaks to UEF shield effect.
It was permanent and wasn't removed if the unit left the aura.