Thank you to an anonymous donors for the digital versions of the 419 service manual and the SX4 owners manual!
The Service Manuals however are not, dealers and shops like to keep these to themselves for a few years after a new car line is produced or suzuki updated.
If you are not familiar with Torrents, I recommend reading up on the process on Wikipedia.Service Manual Suzuki SX4.Zip Suzuki Security Alarm manual: Suzuki Security System The Electronic Parts Catalog will require folks to keep seeding the torrent to make it available.Also a big thank you to YanniG for putting these up on RapidShare, alternative links provided, and a shout out to dbus for combining the Service Manuals into one all-in-one PDF.RW415/416, owners rW415_416 Service Manual or (57.9MB applicable Model: SX4 (RW415/RW416) produced at kosai plant in Japan with following vehicle identification number (VIN jsagy jS2Y# rW415/416 made in Hungary.Pdf (4.07MB) rapidShare option: SX4Disc1 m/files/199957965/ m/files/199963272/SX4Disc1.z01 m/files/200256716/SX4Disc1.z02 m/files/200260345/SX4Disc1.z03 m/files/200264334/SX4Disc1.z04 m/files/200272315/SX4Disc1.z05 m/files/200279522/SX4Disc1.z06 Torrent File for Electronic Parts Catalog - owners Disc 2 RapidShare option: SX4Disc2 m/files/200283631/ manual m/files/200291459/SX4Disc2.z01 m/files/200299195/SX4Disc2.z02 m/files/200304863/SX4Disc2.z03 m/files/200312027/SX4Disc2.z04 m/files/200317207/SX4Disc2.z05 m/files/200323696/SX4Disc2.z06 Torrent File for Electronic Parts Catalog License - Disc Instructions found suzuki here.For vehicles equipped with a Supplemental Restraint (Air Bag) System: Service on and around manual the air bag system components or wiring must be performed only by an authorized suzuki dealer.The circle with a slash in this owners manual means "Don't do this" or "Don't let this happen".Learn more, posted on 2 Sep, 2015 by LostamI.Applicable Model: SX4 with D19AA diesel engine (RW419D) SX4 Owners Manual, sX4 Owners Manual or s_Manual.

If anyone has information on 2010's, please send me.
Another more popular client I've heard good things about out there is Vuze (formerly Azureus), suzuki and owners some people manual on the forum use.
Note: Indicates special information to make maintenance easier or instructions clearer.
Please observe all warnings and "Ser- vice Precautions" under "On-Vehicle Service" owners in suzuki air bag system section before performing service on or around the air bag system components or wiring.Personally I use Torrent, and it is one of the more popular ones used.RW415_416 Hungary service manual or s_Manual.Either of these two conditions may result in severe injury.It's too big to host for direct suzuki download.This service manual is intended for authorized Suzuki dealers and qualified service technicians only.This is for models.

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