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Amope and Chume are quarreling again, and Chume tells his wife it is time to brother go home.
Those who have bicycle today, they will ride their own car tomorrow.
Old Prophet continues his curse, saying that Jero will be ruined by his appetite for women, and then exits.Soyinka the dramatist clearly shies away from prescribing solutions to the wretched brother conditions in the play, reserving his ideas about correctives for Open Sore of a Continent.Alan Jacobs In the following excerpt, Jacobs provides an overview of Soyinka's life and oeuvre, including The Trials of Brother Jero, and emphasizes the playwright's significance to contemporary literature.For Knight's career was jero devoted chiefly to the contention that Shakespeare's brother plays, however "secular" they might appear, were really Christian (in a mythic or archetypal sort of way) through and through.When Jero returns he has arranged for Chume to be taken to an insane asylum, and his newest Penitent brother is more strongly convinced of his status as a Prophet, dedicating jero himself to Jero as his "Master.".In Scene 4, Chume is emboldened to talk back to Amope.Read the Study Guide for The Trials of Brother Jero.She has no respect for him trial and loses no opportunity to ridicule him and sneer at him.Unlike others, she is not awed by his claim to be a man of God; she sees through him immediately.It still makes for lively reading in the early twenty-first century.Oluwole, was born on July 13, 1934, in Isara, Nigeria.

Amope supplements the meager salary Chume brings home by trading various swollen items, and cracked crack she says she works hard for whatever money she can make.
Materialism It is not only Jero who lacks spiritual values.
Chume therefore pays the price for being the gullible victim of aircrack the wily preacher.
Take Death and the King's Horseman.
These spiritualist, Pentecostal churches flourished in western Nigeria during the 1960s, and they are the main targets of Soyinka's satire in The Trials of Brother Jero.The area now called Nigeria is occupied by many peoples, the most prominent among them being the Hausa, the Yoruba, and the Ibo.Just then trial I felt my spirit's eagerness.This makes him furious, and he goes after Jero, brandishing a cutlass.He confesses that he likes to keep crack his followers dissatisfied with their lives, so that they will keep coming to him.Amope is presented as a shrew, a woman who always thinks of herself as a martyr whether she has something to complain about or not, and she certainly aircrack makes Chume feel miserable with her taunts.Despite his many faults, Jero is an amusing character.