Beginning Programming with the Visual Studio 2012 Environment.
Adding code to the graphical application.
visual About You, for software developers who are new to Visual C# or who are upgrading from older versions.Summary 32, quick Reference 32, chapter 2: Working with variables, operators, and expressions.Writing your first program 8, using namespaces 14, creating a visual graphical application.Account page after purchase: epub The open industry format known for its reflowable content and usability on supported mobile devices.Chapter 1: Welcome to C#.Object class visual revisited 258 Calling base-class constructors 258 Assigning classes 259 Declaring new methods 261 step Declaring virtual methods 262 Declaring override methods 263 Understanding protected access 265 Understanding extension methods 271 Summary 275 Quick visual reference 276 Chapter 13: Creating interfaces and defining abstract classes 277.353 An example that doesnt use indexers step 353 The same example using indexers 355 Understanding indexer accessors 357 Comparing indexers and arrays 358 Indexers in interfaces 360 Using indexers in a Windows application 361 Summary 367 Quick reference 368 Chapter 17: Introducing generics visual 369 The.

Create interfaces and define abstract classes.
Understanding statements 33, using identifiers 34, identifying keywords 34 Using variables 36 Naming alpha variables 36 Declaring variables 37 Working with primitive data chan types 37 Unassigned local variables 38 Displaying primitive data type values 38 Using arithmetic operators 45 Operators and types 45 Examining arithmetic operators.
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Creating Methods, applying Scope, writing Methods, using Optional Parameters and Named Arguments.331 Using properties 333 Read-only properties 334 Write-only properties 334 Property accessibility 335 Understanding the property sunbeam restrictions 336 Declaring interface properties 337 Replacing methods with properties 339 Generating automatic properties 343 Initializing objects by using properties 345 Summary 349 Quick reference 350 Chapter 16: Using.Manage errors and exception handling, use collection classes, work with databases by using DataBinding with the Entity Framework.Handle events arising from multiple sources.We customize your eBook by discreetly watermarking it with your name, making it uniquely yours.308 How does the garbage collector work?Introducing Microsoft Visual C# and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.Object outdrive Class Boxing Unboxing Casting Data Safely Summary Chapter 8 Quick Reference Chapter 9 sunbeam : Creating Value Types with Enumerations and Structures Working with Enumerations Working with Structures Summary Chapter 9 Quick Reference Chapter 10 : Using Arrays Declaring and Creating an Array Populating and.Generalized classes 375 Generics and constraints 375 Creating a generic class 376 crack The theory of binary trees 376 Building a binary tree class by using generics 379 Creating a generic method 389 Defining a generic method to build a binary tree 389 Variance and generic.Discover how to: Work with variables, non-reserved identifiers, statements, operators, and methods.Control program flow with decision and iteration statements.If you are an experienced software developer, youll get all the guidance, exercises, and code you need to start building responsive, scalable Windows 10 and Universal Windows Platform applications with Visual C#.Using Arithmetic quilted Operators, incrementing and Decrementing Variables, declaring Implicitly Typed Local Variables.Build more robust apps with error, exception, and resource management.Streamline development with new app templates.

Chapter 1 : Welcome to C#.
Decouple application logic and event handling.