L Question Realtek Audio Drivers crashing my new system Windows 10 1 Wednesday at 8:43 Auestion How to fix crackling the crackling Sound on my Win 10 System?
There are multiple output modules you can use for audio.
Tried 2 different realtek drivers so far, they all had the same issue.
Follow the picture below and try playing player the dvd to ensure the process worked.
Try to play audio and see.My configuration is: Soundcard: Asus Xonar Essence, operating system: Windows 7, codecs: K-Lite.Then installed the external soundcard's drivers again for testing purposes.In the Speakers Properties player box which opens, switch to the Enhancements tab, select the Disable all enhancements check box.You use that hardware ID to find drivers for that device audio in the Microsoft audio Update Catalog.Windows 10 16 Jul 27, 2019 crackling Z Question Sound cuts out and i have to refresh the device before it works again.

Thanks to strike joejoerowley for his work and debian his persistance to find a solution to my audio stutter problem update in VLC.
Had it run for, idk, 15 minutes(?) and those counts were between 100k and 300k.
Restart Firefox and see if the games problems persist.
I had a similar issue with manual Creative Sound Blaster drivers when Windows 10 was released.Youtube in firefox: video does not play right away, although the loading bar is far ahead.I've got a problem with vlc playing some file formats, for example mkv or audio m2ts (I didn't notice this problem with avi though).Those ISR counts both happened with the drivers causing issues and the default one though.You will have to use Internet Explorer to visit that site, just copy and paste the hardware.To disable it on Windows sound.As i tried to explain, the realtek drivers provided by MSI do not include such an enhancement tab.Realtek drivers for MSI motherboards kinda outsourced all those enhancements to a software called nahimic.DirectX and, win32 waveOut should work in most cases.This is in response to the instructable by joejoerowley's.The sound plays ok, than dissappears for a second or crackling two, than re-appears.Select the Details tab.My specs: motherboard Z170A gaming M5, nvidia geforce gtx 1060, 16gb ram, windows 10 no hardware changes or driver updates prior to the problem occurring.Drivers, be sure that your audio drivers are manual up to date and compatible!