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Vray render setup preset

vray render setup preset

Python in houdini is interesting.
This is like a sort in spatial locality mode, but it lets you crack for registryfix 64 bit windows define how many clusters of 'close points' you want created, and will give those clusters their own @cluster attribute.
Another handy node to rundll error loading bridge.dll use with an add sop is the cluster points.
Enable that from the drop-down, and you can see its a transform matrix.In maya you'd say this are the vertex positions.Easier than it sounds.Ok, a few caveats.Color Coded Light Properties, with the addition of the new Value Blend on the Light Properties panel, it was easy to confuse which properties you were editing.This is also why you can sometimes apply textures in materials, and they somehow work in the render, but you can't do any uv manipulation in sops.In a vops network, the houdini chant that 'everything is points' becomes very important.I could have just pushed an orient and up value onto the points before the copy, same result with less hassle.Further, using the cluster option to guide the voronoi to fuse cells together leads to even more interesting patterns.
Yes you can use the trail node to do this directly (or better, don't do anything to the particles, just turn on motion blur and each particles @v make streaks for you but its fun to know how to do it manually if required.
Vex is quick to type and quick to run, but of course you need to know how to write vex, to write vex.
Specifically, this means they interpolate between frames or apply blur.Using that I store the real positions of the points with a rest sop, and then temporarily lay all the geometry so that their y position corresponds to that distance.The vex one is similar, but more of the grunt work is done in code: Create a cube of points, and a separate 'effector' point that will be used to drive the effect In a wrangle do the following.Hipnc Started as an attempt to do cutting edge plexus motion graphics stuff, ended as silly nervous soot spider things from Sprited Away.They're actually a simple dynamics simulation in disguise (a dopnet, discussed elsewhere on the wiki so they need things like a number of steps per frame, a start frame, they need to be cached and simulated rather than working instantly if you scrub the timeline.

Because this will add onto the result onto the previous frame, this leaves a trail.
Hey presto, animated fbx geo brought in as a single packed shape.