If you wish to aero do that, download the aero manual installation of Windows Aero (Tahoma Font) and open "NoSegoe - g" in Notepad.
Main instructions Text that explains what to do on windows a page, window, or dialog box.
If you'd prefer to change the font size in the Windows GUI in addition to replacing Segoe UI, you'll have to do what I tahoma did and create a modified visual style.
Black text on a white tahoma background gives the highest contrast dark text on a very light background can provide high contrast as well.A simple way to ensure that your program respects users' settings is setup to test using a different font size and a high contrast color windows scheme.Emphasized text Bold text is used to make the text easier to parse and to draw attention to text users must read.Be warned that his version doesn't replace all variants of Segoe UI under Windows 7 though.Be sure to use NoSegoe along with your custom visual style in order to replace instances of Segoe UI hard coded into programs.Readers generally prefer serif fonts used as body text within a document.Light text on a dark background offers good contrast, but not as good as dark text on a light background.Black 000000) Calibri (none).Editable text Text that users can edit is shown in a box.Use for prompts in text boxes and editable drop-down lists.Read-only text traditionally has a gray background, but a gray background isn't necessary.Dark gray 323232) Segoe UI HyperLinkText.

The typeface is meant to give the tahoma same visual effect on screen and in print.
In fact, a gray background can be undesirable, especially for large blocks of text, because it suggests that the majora text is disabled and discourages reading.
If you want to make sure users read your text, use dark text on a light background.
Malgun Gothic, Microsoft JhengHei, and Microsoft YaHei are supplied in regular and bold styles only, wolf meaning italic characters are synthesized by slanting the game upright styles.For UI text, the need for a clean appearance and the lower resolution of computer monitors makes sans serif typefaces the better choice.This factor determines when you should use Segoe.Group header Text used to group items in a list view.It has the characteristics of a humanist sans serif: the varying widths of its capitals (narrow E and S, for instance, compared with Helvetica, where the widths are more alike, fairly wide the stress and letterforms of its lowercase; and its true italic (rather than.After loading, set legend the Search box to "Values" and then type in "segoe".When wolf text has input focus, the caret wolf is the flashing vertical bar that indicates the insertion/selection point in selectable or editable text.